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The core business of ScanManager GmbH. is the software development in the area of 3D laser scanning. The company is based in Munich, Germany.

The ScanManager™ software of ScanManager GmbH. is a high-performance, practise-oriented, and professional software tool for viewing, analysing and managing black-and-white and coloured scans from high-resolution 3D laser scanners.

ScanManager™ opens for you the advantages of the innovative 3D as-built analysis by means of 3D laser scanning and supports your management of complex buildings, facilities, and installations as well as your work on generating precise 3D CAD data.

ScanManager GmbH ScanManager™ is the essential connection between:
  -  3D Laser Scanning;
  -  CAD Modelling;
  -  Facility Management.

Thanks to that software, the planning processes in your enterprise can be significantly optimised:
  -  All participants in the planning processes execute their tasks on their PCs and are networked via work flows.
  -  The planning and management teams operate the desired inventory data on the proper time, with the right detailing, and in the correct context.
  -  Collisions with the existing situation, which originate in the planning process, can be discovered in time via computer simulations within the virtual CAD environment. Thus an enormous time and cost expenditure can be saved.

The high-performance motivation and the profound expertise of the company team are devoted to the total customer satisfaction.