The ScanManager 6.0™ software is a powerful and practice-oriented tool for professional users to view, analyse, and manage monochrome and colour scans from high definition 3D laser scanners. The ScanManager makes you independent from service providers by offering you the opportunity to generate the data management system of your scan projects yourself.
ScanManager™ | Features
Features - ScanManager 6.0™ - web based & stand alone
1. Converting 3D laser scan data. Supported 3D scan file formats of Faro, Leica, Riegl, and Zoller+Frohlich. Tutorial 01
2. Visualisation of 3D scan data and point cloud sections. Tutorial 02
3. Allocation of the 3D Scans into Different Levels. Tutorial 13
4. Generation and export of horizontal, vertical, and at-will-leaned sections through point clouds.LT - jpg | PRO - jpg, dxf, iges, ptc, xyz. Tutorial 03
Tutorial 14
5. Measurement of distances in scan data:
▪ Distance between two points
▪ Orthogonal distance between a point and a surface
▪ Distance between objects, recognised in a point cloud (e.g. between pipelines, walls).
Tutorial 05
Tutorial 15
6. Interaction with Different Programmes (CAD, CAFM, etc). Tutorial 11
7. Point cloud export into DXF, PTC, ASCII, and IGES formats. Tutorial 07
8. Placement of comments, notes & links to certain scan positions. Export as txt and Excel data. Tutorial 11
9. Import of DXF data and overlaying point cloud sections with them. The DXF layer structure remains unchanged. Tutorial 10
10. Import of VRML data into point clouds. Tutorial 08
11. Variance Analysis of a VRML model and point clouds by means of distance measurements.
12. Drawing lines, circles, ellipses, rectangles and polygons.
13. Drawing polylines and automated data transfer into AutoCAD. Tutorial 06
14. Geometrical object recognition in point clouds (plane, cylinder and sphere). Recognition of object edges. Export into DXF. Tutorial 04
Tutorial 06
Download the ScanManager 6.0™ brochure as a pdf-file. (2.81 MB)
System Requirements