2D Plans
The ScanManager™ software offers the opportunity to generate horizontal, vertical, and any inclined point cloud slices. Several paralell
running point cloud slices can be overlaid and consequently compared. You can import DXF data or VRML data into the ScanManger and
then you can compare them with the point cloud slices. At the same time the DXF layer structure will be retained.

3D Models
A 2D and/or 3D variance analysis of scan data and CAD data is possible within the ScanManager™.

Construction Supervision | Construction Process Documentation
The ScanManager™ features can be utilised also in checking quality and in documenting the separate stages of a construction process. You can make measurements, analyses, and appraisals directly in a scan without any need of time-consuming modelling, so that you can
identify on time imperfections within the execution of construction work and eliminate them with little costs.

Facility Management
Helpful features constitute ScanManager™ as a useful tool for successful Computer Aided Facility Management (CAFM) in areas like the following:

> Floor-Space Management
> Building Services
> Operation and Maintenance
> Planning und Project Management
> Quality Assessment and Innovation
> Project and Reconstruction Management
> Object Data Bases

Actual State Documentation
Accurate-to-the-millimetre scan data of industrial buildings, machines, robot cells, and/or other facilities are produced and made available
via the 3D laser scanning documentation of the actual state. That way all participants in the planning process can carry out their tasks
directly at their PCs and can be interlinked within workflows. In turn the availability of the needed data can be secured at the right moment, with the right detailing, and in the right context. Thus not only purchase costs for spare parts and equipment are reduced but also
significant advantages in terms of maintenance, flexibility, and reliability are obtained.

Variance Analysis (Scan+VRML)
A 2D and/or 3D variance analysis of scan data and CAD data is possible within the ScanManager™.

Civil Engineering and Plant Engineering and Construction
ScanManager™ is utilised with great success in the scan management of large-scale projects within diverse areas of civil engineering
and of plant engineering and construction.

> Airports
> Power Plants
> Refineries | Chemical Industry
> Ship Building and Ship Repair
> Tunnelling

Protection of Historical Buildings and Monuments
The 3D Laser Scanning Technology makes it possible to quickly and with accuracy to the millimetre execute survey and rescue of relics, artefacts, tombs, and historical buildings. Each layer of earth that has to be removed during archaeological excavations should be scanned
in order to document each stage of the entire excavation process. By using ScanManager™ the scan data are clearly and project-oriented structured.

Nature Protection
Capturing free formed surfaces: The high performance 3D laser scanning technology is deployed where other documenting methods
achieve their limits. Highly complex 3D nature forms can be realistically captured and documented via the 3D laser scanning technology.
Also the basis of 2D drawing documentation of complicated nature forms is created by using the capability of ScanManager™ to generate horizontal, vertical, and any inclined point cloud slices.

Interoperability Solutions
The integration of the ScanManager™ Software with CAD & Facility Management Systems takes place via the free ScanManager™ Software Development Kit (SDK). Examples:

ScanManager™ + SAP
ScanManager™ + Microsoft Excel (See Video Tutorial 11 on Our Website)
ScanManager™ + AutoCAD / Microstation / Nemetschek.

The innovative concept of 3D scan data integration with physical asset management systems by means of the ScanManager™ Software is protected by a patent application.